March 11, 2013 Call to Action: Click here to email the House and Senate Education Committee members in support of SB 1240 and HB 1133

February 21, 2013 SB 1240 referred to Senate Education Committee and HB 1133 referred to House Education Subcommittee.
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February 12, 2013 - Senator Sutherland files SB 1240 and Representative D Carr files HB 1133.
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Save Tennessee Summers is a non-profit, statewide coalition of parents, teachers and community members disappointed with the ever-earlier start to the school year. Our mission is to educate consumers of the education system, taxpayers and other interested people about the negative impact the early-August school start date and nontraditional school calendars have on our students, teachers and families. It is our hope that we can work with parents and school districts to help establish educationally and fiscally sound school calendars; a school calendar that allows more money to flow into teachers' salaries, classroom supplies and educational services ... without a heavier tax burden on Tennessee families.

Research, Data & Information related to the School Calendar Debate


Salt Lake City school to drop year-round schedule, The Salt Lake Tribune
- 3/22/11 -

Hardy to drop year-round class schedule, Times Free Press
- 4/24/11 -

Palo Alto takes pre-break finals off table in latest calendar proposal
- 12/4/10 -

Parents' timing tardy in getting kids to Memphis City Schools
- 9/4/10 -

Editorial: Heat re-ignites school debate
- 8/11/10 -





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